Thomas (Tom) RANDALL


(Board member since 2012 ~ present term expires 2024)

Joined the OPP in March 1966 and was initially posted to Oakville Detachment and a year later was transferred to Noelville in Number 13 District where he spent three years before marrying his wife Beth and moving to Tecumseh (M) Detachment in No. One District. From there he served in the Intelligence Branch at both GHQ and in the Windsor Unit, the Technical Support Branch, the Staff Services Branch and the Training Branch. Also seconded for two years to act as the Executive Assistant to the Deputy Solicitor General. Tom retired from No. One District Chatham as Superintendent in 1995.

Tom is a past member of the City of Chatham Planning Committee, the Board of Christ Anglican Church in Chatham & the Advisory Board the Police Foundations Course of Lambton College in Sarnia. Presently a Life Member of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, the OPP Association and the Commissioned Officers Association. Tom also spent many years sponsoring and coaching senior women's soccer in Chatham.

Has been the Secretary/Treasurer of No. One Chapter OPPVA since April 2003 and was the Chair of the both the 2011 AGM (Sarnia/Point Edward) and the 2016 AGM (Chatham) Organizing Committees

Duties Include

  • - Website Committee
  • - Delegate Directors to OPPA Conferences and any other special assignments
  • - OPPVA Bulletin, monthly or when necessary
  • - Christmas message to all in Beyond the Badge
  • - Christmas Cards for OPPVA Sponsors, GHQ, OPPA etc
  • - Welcoming letter for AGM booklet and invites for AGM guests
  • - Arrange for meeting with Commissioner twice a year or as required
  • - Arrange for meeting with OPPA President twice a year or as required
  • - Oversee the Silent Partner Awards Program
  • - Chaplaincy program
  • - Liaison with Chapter 1 Chatham.
  • - Investigate and support Committee Bridge Dedications by liaising with OPP and OPPA
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • Prepare submissions to the Vet's page in the OPPA Magazine, Beyond th Badge (Alternating with Director Pilon)

Elizabeth (Liz) ARBOUR


Board member since 2008 (Present term expires 2023)

As a former OPP constable, I joined the Veterans' Association in 1989 and served as Secretary/Treasurer of 3 Chapter Burlington for 13 years. I have also attended numerous other Chapter meetings, BBQ's, luncheons and even boat cruises over the years. Since 1989, I have attended all Annual General Meetings, except one, and have been on the organizing committee for 3 of them.

I was involved in selling OPPVA logo items for almost 15 yearsup until 2019.  I arranged to coordinate a group of OPPVA members with musical talent to play at Chapter 3 Burlington - Annual General Meeting and called them The Retirees Own.

I was co-recipient of the 1998 OPP Veterans' Association 'Veteran of the Year' award. For almost 2 years I assisted in the research and composition of the OPPVA History Book, 'The First Thirty Years'.

In addition to OPPVA functions, I have enjoyed attending those of the OPP, OPPA, Commissioned Officers' Association, International Police Association, RCMP Retirees Association and Italian Veteran Police Officers Association of Canada.

Duties Include

  • - Assist the President as required.
  • - Planning Committee
  • - OPPVA Bulletin, monthly or when necessary
  • - Support Committee
  • - Research/Development (Applications, Brochures & AGM Guidelines)
  •   Review & recommend any chnges to OPPVA By-Laws
  •   Liaise with M & J Catton to oversee Logo items (Purchase and sales)
  • - Purchase Life membership frames, assemble and deliver to appropriate Director for distribution
  • - Liaison with Chapter 3 Burlington; 4 Niagara; Chapter 9 Belleville; Chapter 10 Smith Falls 
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA if attending meetings and functions.at OPPA/OPPVA
  • - Solicit Website Sponsors.



(Board member since 2016 ~ present term expires 2024)

A retired civilian of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), starting in October 1970 and retired in April 2004.

During my 33 years with the Force, I worked as an Administrative Assistant in several areas of the OPP, including the Office of the Commissioner, Staff Services and Field Divisions.

I ended my career as a Researcher/Writer in the Corporate Communications Bureau. I worked at three General Headquarters buildings, those being 125 Lakeshore and 90 Harbour in Toronto and finishing at 777 Memorial Avenue in Orillia.

I have been a member of the OPP Veterans' Association since my retirement in 2004. Shortly after joining Chapter 18, I became the secretary-treasurer of the Chapter and now hold the chapter's Vice Chair position.

I was also involved in the administration of the OPP Youth Foundation for several years.

Duties Include

  • - Secretarial Duties
  • - Chair the Resolutions Committee
  • - Member of Social Media Committee
  • - Serve on Planning Committee
  • - Publications Submissions: Quarter Century Club
  • - Support Committee: Bridge Dedications, liaise with OPP and OPPA
  • - Publications submissions: OPP Review
  • - Reserve meeting room for Board meetings at GHQ when and as required.
  • - Liaison with Chapter 18 Orillia and Chapter 5 Toronto and Chapter 8 Peterborough
  • - Liaison with OPP Print Shop
  • - Maintain OPPVA display case at GHQ
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • - Liason with OPP Correspondence Unit
  • - Represent the OPPVA at OPP Recruit and Aux. Recruit Graduations as assigned.
  • - Liaison with OPP Correspondence Unit
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA if attending meetings and functions.

Robert (Rob) PILON


(Board member since 2016 ~ present term expires 2022)

Joined the OPP on Feb 1973 served in Sturgeon Falls, Dubreuilville (one man detachment), Midland, Dubreuilville (again!), Sudbury, Sudbury DHQ Crime Unit as the first DIC, promoted to Corporal in Crime Unit, promoted to Sergeant in Hearst, Staff Sergeant in Hearst, North Bay DHQ, Sturgeon Falls (again), Mattawa, Belleville DHQ, promoted to Inspector at Burlington DHQ, promoted to Superintendent at North Bay RHQ Retired in 2003 Managed Securitas Branch in Sudbury 2003-2008 Joined OPP Vets Assoc in 2002 Presently Secretary of Chapter 12 North Bay

Duties Include

  • - Website Committee Chair
  • - Assistant Webmaster
  • - Liason with Webmaster and answer membership queries from the membership.
  • - Liaison with Chapter 12 North Pay; Chapter 13 Sudbury; Chapter 14 Sault Ste. Marie and Chapter 15 Timmins
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • - Chair the OPPVA Social Media Committee
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA if attending meetings and functions.
  • - Chair of OPPVA Social Media Committee
  • - Represent the OPPVA at OPP or Auxiliary Recruit Graduations when Director Marrier is unavailable.
  • - Prepare submissions to the Vets' page in the OPPA Magazine Beyond the Badged (Alternating with President Randall)



(Board member since 2013 ~ present term expires 2023)

I joined the OPP in 1965, served Brechin, Toronto, Whitby, Manitouwadge, Kakabeka Falls, Shabaqua and Thunder Bay Detachments. I was In Service Training Instructor for many years.

After my retirement in 1994, I joined 16 Chapter, and am currently the Chair of 16 Chapter.

I am married to Marilyn, and have 2 sons, Jason, and D/Cst Wade Arnold. I also am on the Surviving Spouse committee with Director Liz Arbour

Duties Include

  • - Investigations Committee
  • - Assemble/Dismantle OPPVA Display at OPPA/OPPVA functions when attending
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • - Represent the OPPVA on the Board of Directors of the OPP Youth Foundation
  • - Liaison with Chapter 16 - Thunder Bay and Chapter 17 Kenora
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA if attending meetings and functions.



(Board member since 2018 ~ present term expires 2023)

986-2004 - Teletype Operator/Signal Operator Canadian Armed Forces, served in Ottawa, Alert NWT, Lahr Germany, Brunssum The Netherlands.

2004-2005 - Communication Operator Provincial CommCenter Smiths Falls

2005-2006 - Switchboard supervisor Prime Minister's Office

2006-2008 - Administration Clerk/Finance Clerk Drake

2008-present - Court Room Clerk/Registrar Ministry of the Attorney General in Cornwall

Legion member and volunteer weekly

Member of the OPPVA Chapter Cornwall since 2010, and have been chapter secretary since joining

Duties Include

  • - Treasurers' Duties
  • - Print Life Membership Certificates
  • - Process ID cards and Life Membership Cerificates
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA meetings and functions if attending.
  • - Solicit Website Sponsors
  • - Liaison with Chapter 11 Cornwall; Chapter 11 Hawkesbury and Chapter 9 Kingston

Maurice (Moe) HEBERT


(Board member since 2010 ~ present term expires 2022)

1958-1961 Radio & Telegraph Operator Royal Canadian Signal Corp served in Continental Europe. 1961-1963 Hard Rock Miner Timmins Ontario. 1963-1993 OPP served in Cochrane 1963-1964, Hearst 1964-1968, Iroquois Fall 1969-1977, Long Sault Det. 1978-1979, No.11 DHQ 1978-1993 as District Intelligence Co-Ordinator.

While in Iroqouis Falls I was a founding & Commanding Officer of the #792 R.C.(Air)Squadron from1970-1977. I've been married to my wife & friend Laurette for 60 years. We have 4 children Prov. Const Andre Hebert (Retired). Cpl.Lise Hebert (retired) Cdn.Armed Forces now a Court Clerk.Jacqueline Hebert-Beach Cornwall and Prov. Const. Paul Hebert JFO Cornwall. Have been a member of the OPPVA since 1997 and served as Sec/Tres. of Chapter 11-Cornwall 2006-2010


Duties Include

  • - Resolutions Committee
  • - Social Media Committee
  • - Investigations Committee
  • - Planning Committee
  • - Assist Chapters with loading photo´s on the website
  • - Liaison with Chapter 11 Ottawa and Chapter 10 Pembroke
  • - Solicit Website sponsors

Robert (Bob) LACOMBE


(Board member since 2019 ~ present term expires 2022)

Police career began in July 1965 with The RCMP. Joined OPP three years later and posted to Sudbury and Chapleau, Kapuskasing and Smooth Rock Falls before moving to the Fergus Police Services in the mid 1970s. Duties included general police tasks, breathalyzer tech, community Officer (Elmer program) and some ident in Fergus. Married Alma in Kapuskasing in 1969.

Active with community and service clubs. Joined Lions International while in Smooth Rock Falls and still active member presently. Started driving busses of all kinds after retirement in 1998 and became a driving instructor with signing authority with the Ministry of Transportation and also a consultant to the bus industry in manners of compliance.

Joined the OPPVA in Guelph and became Secretary/Treasurer of that Chapter in 2006 up to the present.

Recipient of the Governor General of Canada Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers in 2017


Duties Include

  • - OPPVA Webmaster
  • - Resolutions Committee
  • - Investigations Committee
  • - Website Committee
  • - Liaison with Chapter 6 - Mt. Forest and Chapter 6 - Guelph
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • - Member of the Social Media Committee
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA if attending meetings and functions.

John Slavin



Elected in 2021.  Term expires in 2024

Member of Chapter 2 London

Married my wife Janet in 1965.  After teaching school in Clinton, joined the OPP in July 1966 and was transferred to Lindsay.  Duties included general police tasks, Community Safety Officer; and Auxiliary Liaison Officer and In-service Training Officer at Peterborough DHQ.  While at Lindsay, was President for Lindsay Optimist Club and Lieutenant Governor for Optimist International.  Has three children born in Lindsay. 

Seconded to Ontario Police College in 1976 and became permanent staff in 1977.  Taught several different courses including Police Management Training.  Seconded to Solicitor General’s Office as the Crime Prevention Officer for Ontario.  Retired in 1994.  Received Coach of the Year in Minor Hockey and Minor Ball. 


After retirement, was Special Security for the Toronto Blue Jays.  Moved to London and was District Coordinator for London Senior Games and President of Huff N’Puff Seniors Fitness Association.  Joined the OPPVA Chapter # 2 London in 2003 and served in the positions of Director of Elgin County, Treasurer, Secretary and Chairman.  


Duties Include

  • - Website Committee
  • - Plannning Committee
  • - Liaison with Chapter 2 - London and Chapter 3 - Simcoe/Brantford
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA if attending meetings and functions.

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