Robert H. Pilon (Rob)


(Board member since 2016 ~ present term expires 2025)

Joined the OPP on Feb 1973 served in Sturgeon Falls, Dubreuilville (one man detachment), Midland, Dubreuilville (again!), Sudbury, Sudbury DHQ Crime Unit as the first DIC, promoted to Corporal in Crime Unit, promoted to Sergeant in Hearst, Staff Sergeant in Hearst, North Bay DHQ, Sturgeon Falls (again), Mattawa, Belleville DHQ, promoted to Inspector at Burlington DHQ, promoted to Superintendent at North Bay RHQ Retired in 2003. Managed Securitas Branch in Sudbury 2003-2009.  Married to my Silent Partner Suzanne since 1967. We have 4 children ( Jeannine Grassie recently retired from OPP and Mike is Chief Superintendent at NorthEast Region HQ, 10 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter. We live in Sturgoen Falls. Joined OPP Vets Assoc in 2002 Presently Secretary of Chapter 12 North Bay

Duties Include

  • - President
  •  - Ad hoc member of all committees
  • - Assistant Webmaster
  • - Liaison with Chapter 10 Pembroke; Chapter 13 Sudbury; and Chapter 14 Sault Ste. Marie 
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPP/OPPA/OPPVA if attending meetings and functions.
  • - Represent the OPPVA at OPP, OPPA and other events.
  • - Prepare President's Newsletter

Al (Robert) Badour

Vice President

Elected in 2022 present term expires in 2027


Englehart 12N, Prince Edward 9, Belleville TRU East Region, RegionalERT Coordintor East Region, Aboriginal Critical Incident Coordintor FSB / GHQ, Commander Emergency Response Teams FSB / GHQ

- Chair -Finance Committee

- Vice President OPPVA - Carry out duties of President when required

- Member Governance Committee 

- OPPVA representative for Bridge Dedications - liaison with OPP and OPPA

- Solicit Website Sponsors

- Represent OPPVA at OPP, OPPA, and other events as directed

- Assemble OPPVA displays at various functions

- Liaise with Chapter 9 Kingston, Chapter 9 Belleville and Chapter 10 Smiths Falls


Dinty Garnett


Elected 2023 , term expires 2026

Provincial Treasurer

Born in Edmonton, Alberta.  Both of my parents grew up on farms in Western Canada.  As a youth I lived in the following communities:  Goose Bay, Labrador; Red Lake and Hearst,  Ontario; Edmonton and High Prairie, Alberta.  Graduate of Confederation College, Thunder Bay.  Commenced working as a Civilian Communications Operator for the OPP in Hearst, May, 1977.  Transferred to North Bay DHQ Comm Center 1990.  CPIC Unit from 1997 to 2000.  Promoted to Senior Communications Operator 2000.  Retired April of 2010.  Married with 3 children.  Was at one time heavily involved in curling and have the level 1 Ice Making Technician Certificate.

- Provincial Treasurer - responsible for all accounting/finances/budgeting

- Member of Finance Committee

- Maintain record of all members and process new members

- Solicit website sponsors

- Represent OPPVA at events as directed

- Set up or dismantling of flags, displays, backdrop at events as required

- liaison with Chapter 12 North Bay and Chapter 15 Timmins



(Board member since 2016 ~ present term expires 2027)

I joined the OPP as a civilian in 1970 and retired in 2004. During my 33 years, I worked as an Administrative Assistant in several areas, including the Office of the Commissioner, Staff Services, and Field Divisions. I ended my career as a researcher/writer in the Corporate Communications Bureau. I worked at three General HQs, 125 Lakeshore, 90 Harbour St, and 777 Memorial Ave, Orillia.

I have been a member of the OPP Veterans' Association since my retirement in 2004. Shortly after joining Chapter 18, I became the secretary-treasurer. I recently relocated to Hamilton and transferred membership to Chapter 3 Burlington

I was also involved in the administration of the OPP Youth Foundation for several years.

Duties Include

  • - OPPVA Provincial Secretary
  • - Chair Governance Committee
  • - Reserve meeting room for Board meetings at GHQ as required.
  • - Liaison with Chapter 3 Simcoe/Brantford, Chapter 5 Toronto and Chapter 4 Niagara 
  • - Liaison with OPP Print Shop
  • - Maintain OPPVA display case at GHQ
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • - Represent the OPPVA at OPP, OPPA and other events as directed.
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA if attending meetings and functions.

Robert (Bob) LACOMBE


(Board member since 2019 ~ present term expires 2025)

Police career began in July 1965 with The RCMP. Joined OPP three years later and posted to Sudbury and Chapleau, Kapuskasing and Smooth Rock Falls before moving to the Fergus Police Services in the mid 1970s. Duties included general police tasks, breathalyzer tech, community Officer (Elmer program) and some ident in Fergus. Married Alma in Kapuskasing in 1969.

Active with community and service clubs. Joined Lions International while in Smooth Rock Falls and still active member presently. Started driving busses of all kinds after retirement in 1998 and became a driving instructor with signing authority with the Ministry of Transportation and also a consultant to the bus industry in manners of compliance.

Joined the OPPVA in Guelph and became Secretary/Treasurer of that Chapter in 2006 up to the present.

Recipient of the Governor General of Canada Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers in 2017


Duties Include

  • - OPPVA Webmaster
  • - Member Website Committee
  • - Member Social Media Committee
  • - Liaison with Chapter 6 Mt. Forest, Chapter 6 Huron Perth, and Chapter 6 Guelph
  • - Solicit Website sponsors
  • - Represent OPPVA at OPP, OPPA, and other events as directed
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA if attending meetings and functions.



(Board member since 2018 ~ present term expires 2026)

986-2004 - Teletype Operator/Signal Operator Canadian Armed Forces, served in Ottawa, Alert NWT, Lahr Germany, Brunssum The Netherlands.

2004-2005 - Communication Operator Provincial CommCenter Smiths Falls

2005-2006 - Switchboard supervisor Prime Minister's Office

2006-2008 - Administration Clerk/Finance Clerk Drake

2008-present - Court Room Clerk/Registrar Ministry of the Attorney General in Cornwall

Legion member and volunteer weekly

Member of the OPPVA Chapter Cornwall since 2010, and have been chapter secretary since joining

Duties Include

  • - Member Finance Committee
  • - Flags, Stands, Backdrop & Display Table: Assemble/Dismantle at OPPA/OPPVA meetings and functions if attending.
  • - Solicit Website Sponsors
  • - Represent OPPVA at OPP, OPPA, and other events as directed
  • - Liaison with Chapter 11 Cornwall; Chapter 11 Ottawa and Chapter 11 Hawkesbury

Bob Cousineau


Elected 2024, term expires 2027

Information to follow Elected May 31, 2024 term expires 2027


- Member of Website Committee

- Member of Social Media Committee

- Assistant Webmaster

- Represent OPPVA at OPP/OPPA and other events as required

- Member of Governance Committee

- Set up and dismantling of OPPVA displays at events

- Solicit website sponsors

- Liaison with Chapter 18 Orillia and Chapter 8 Peterborough

Jeff Simpkins


Elected in 2022 present term expires in 2025

1987 Coboconk; 1988 NW Patrol; 1990 Kenora Ident; 1993 Sgt. South Porcupine Ident; 1996 Kenora Comm Centre; 2001 Cochrane; 2001 Nottawasaga; 2002 NAPS Support Unit; 2005 Seconded OPC; 2007 Academy; 2008 First Nations Bureau; 2012 Afghanistan (Civ-Pol Mission); 2013 Aboriginal Policing Bureau; 2014 Academy; 2016 S/Sg5 Comm Safety Serv; 2018 Ukraine, Civ-Pol Mission

- Chair Website Committee and Social Media Committee

- Solicit website sponsors

- Represent OPPVA at OPP, OPPA, and other events as directed

- Assemble OPPVA displays when attending functions

- Liaise with Chapter 16 Thunder Bay and Chapter 17 Kenora

- Submit articles for the OPPA Beyond the Badge

Michael Catton


Elected May 2023, term expires 2026

Five years OPP – Chatham, Forest, Grand Bend and Merlin

Twenty-Seven years RCMP – Manitoba and Ontario.  Limited Duration Posting, Highway Patrol, Drug Section (Winnipeg and Toronto West), Commercial Crime, Intelligence, Federal Enforcement, Data Base Management.


Member OPP Veterans’ Association, RCMP Veterans’ Association, International Police Association, Fraternal Order of Police, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 114 Oakville and Probus Club of Old Oakville.



Volunteer – Oakville Milton Humane Society

- Member of Finance Committee

- Member of Governance Committee

- Solicite Website Sponsors

- Represent OPPVA at events/functions as required

-  set up and dismantle flags. stands, display, and/or backdrop when attending events

- liaison with Chapter 1 Chatham, Chapter 2 London and Chapter 3 Burlington


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