O.P.P. Veterans' Association

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the OPP Veterans' Association website. Our association is dedicated to the well-being of active, former or retired OPP, Auxiliary and civilian members and their families and the many folks from other agencies that make up our membership.

Through this website and other venues such as Facebook, the OPP Electronic Review, OPPA Beyond the Badge, bulletins and links, we try to keep our membership informed, entertained and up to date with activities taking place throughout the province and beyond. Many of our members become Snowbirds and gather in a variety of locations for the winter months in Florida, Arizona, California and Texas.

We encourage our 23 Chapters and 2,000 plus members to enjoy the camaraderie, participate in their Chapter and support each other.

Enjoy the website!

Honorary President

Commissioner Thomas Carrique

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Thanks to the Snow Plow operators and responders

Some wouldn't think of going out in the extreme cold and near zero visibility. We need to be thankful to those who not only go out in these conditions but drive heavy awkward equipment to clear the roads for us. We certainly want to thank officers and all responders who answers a multitude of calls under the same conditions

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