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Sponsorship Opportunity
Our website is constantly growing and presently averages well over 4,500 hits per week. We also maintain links with 36 related Associations. Our more than 1,800 members spread throughout the province represent a variety of interests, hobbies and activities, including, but not limited to, traveling, gardening, computers and volunteer work.

Your business card will appear in the Sponsor area and the card will be linked with your business website. The business card is rotated once per day and after being in top spot for that day will then revert to the bottom to work its way back up again. All sponsorships are subject to review and approval of the O.P.P. Veterans´ Association Board of Directors.
The fee for this service will be $100 per twelve month period for a regular sized business card (350x200 pixels). We also have the option of a one and half times height card for $150 (350x300 pixels) and a double height for $200 (350x400 pixels).
The Website is the sole property of the O.P.P. Veterans´ Association. The purpose of the Website is to provide a medium for informing members of current events and Association issues. It is intended to support other programs and initiatives that will benefit the membership.
This Website is not intended to provide legal or other advice regarding criminal activities. The Association hereby disclaims any responsibility or liability arising out of use of this site for purpose of obtaining such advice.

The opinions expressed in this website are those of the individual authors and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Association or its members. The author of any article or message appearing on the Association´s website assumes full responsibility for any content deemed libelous or defamatory. The Association reserves the right to remove any article or message deemed to be libelous, defamatory or otherwise distasteful. In some circumstances, the Association may seek redress on behalf of a defamed or libeled person or organization. All advertising shall be tasteful and professional. Person advertising, i.e. dating services, erotica and pornography will not be accepted.

Development of the website advertisement will be the sole responsibility of the advertiser and no cost for such development will be borne by the Association. All advertisements are subject to the approval of the Administrator through the Board.

All Advertisers on the Association website shall have some clear and distinguishable benefit to the members of the Association. Unless otherwise determined by the Administrator, advertisers shall not be permitted to purchase site space for longer than one-year duration at a time. Advertising may be sold to approved clients at a fee to be determined from time to time by the Administrator as approved by the Board. The Administrator or designee shall ensure website policy is adhered to and shall have discretion to approve or reject sponsors.

Having your business card in our sponsored links, in no way gives you the right to use the OPPVA logo without specific written permission from the President of the OPPVA.
Roland Haley OPPVA Treasurer ~ and he´ll get you set-up.